Today in Tamworth, my sister Carla and I visited the grand matriarch of my father’s family — Aunty Laurel. At 88yo, Aunty Laurel currently lives in a residential home but remains articulate and friendly — a joy to visit.

I last saw Aunty Laurel in December 2009 when she spent some time in the same hospital as me in Brisbane at the same time I gave birth to Delaney.

Lauren and Laurel, October 2011
It was lovely to sit and chat with Laurel again.

Aunty Laurel's house, October 2011
Later Carla drove me to see Aunty Laurel's house. I have several early-childhood memories of visiting this house, and it was good to return.

It’s only this late in my life that I’m recognising the value of extended family. So we’re making the effort to catch up with people that we’ve previously neglected and are benefiting from relationships enriched by similar bloodlines. So many blessings come from family, and it’s never too late to hear the stories of our personal family history!