It was pretty easy to pack up our Leeton house as we had brought so little with us. I’m amazed at how little we needed to make life comfortable during our stay, so I really really am thinking that I should declutter and simplify our possessions at home. Or, more realistically, I should simply stop buying more stuff.

Acha & Brioni, July 07
Strictly off-limits but irresistible, the computer was within reach of small (grubby) hands, and it proved the main draw-card in a house with fewer toys.

With fewer toys, Acha used her creative mind to play with simple household objects, and we broadened our reading with many, many trips to the library. I also was able to work well in the kitchen with the bare minimum of accessories, so do I really need that food processor?

Freedom Truck under remodelling, July 07
One of the improvements that we made to the Freedom Truck was the addition of skylights. When we first installed them, David pointed them out to Aicha, saying "It's a skylight." "No, Daddy," she replied, "it's a hole."

The Freedom Truck in front of our Leeton house, July 07
We spent our last official night in Leeton in the truck as the house was fully packed up.