I had a bit of fun yesterday video-skyping with a homeschooling family in South Carolina. The Hardings celebrated their autumn equinox with a gathering at their property, and Sara thought it would be fun to skype with us in the southern hemisphere where we’re entering spring.

Lauren Skyping on the computer with Sara Harding, September 2011
It was good fun taking the computer around the yard to show Sara and her family how we're living and what the weather is like for us now.

It was good timing for us because we’re temporarily “home” at our base camp in the shed, and so I could walk around a property that was familiar to us and talk about the signs of spring that I could see. We have the bougainvillea blooming out the back, small flowers forming on the murraya bushes and the gum trees will soon be blossoming.

When we first signed on, Aisha was the only Fisher child around, but I was able to take the laptop around to introduce all our children one by one (and David too). (It may have been confusing because we have so many extra people here at the moment.)

The kids were playing outside, taking advantage of the sunny day and even cooling themselves down with the hose! The time difference between our two locations was evident as we are in mid-morning while in South Carolina it’s early evening and dark.

The Harding kids asked about our animals. Our tenants keep a duck and one small chook which I could show, but sadly I couldn’t produce any koalas upon demand. (We have to go a little further afield to see them.)

Another interesting part of our conversation was a comparison of money. In Australia, we use $1 and $2 coins, and our notes vary greatly in colour and very slightly in size. Skyping with video meant that rather than just speaking about our money, we could show each other what our respective money looked like!

I really enjoyed my conversation with Sara and her lively family. Skyping for a cultural comparison was a fun thing to do, and I’m looking forward to the future when our children are happy to do the same thing with friends all over the world! If you’d like to add us to your Skype contact list, we’re d_f_f_.