I am blessed with a few special friendships with extraordinary women with whom there are no barriers in communication, no limits to our laughing and no problem if we spend over a year and a half" apart! Visiting Allison is a reminder that a soul sister does not judge me and loves me how I am today, although I am so different to what I used to be!

For many years, I have valued these friendships with soul sisters — all of whom live at a distance from our home — because I know that when we finally meet again, we can pick up at the same intimate level we were at when we parted! Now that we’re on the road, I look forward to reconnecting with these special women and hearing where their own journeys have taken them in the interim.

Allison and Nick have two girls, 8yo Jessilee and 5yo Dakota, and they’ve been especially welcoming during our time on the Sunshine Coast. It’s been lovely for David to meet Nick and spend good times chatting with him. We feel a special connection with the Duggan family and look forward to learning where their own God journey will lead them!

Lauren and Allison, September 2011
It's been lovely to catch up with my sister-by-another-mother.

We spent our time at the Duggans’ hanging out together — enjoying Allison’s fabulous cooking and watching the children at play. It is special that we both are families of daughters — and their playroom is something that our girls fantasise about while on the road!

Kangaroo with joey in her pouch, September 2011
After being disconnected from the Australian wildlife for so long, it's a real treat to see the kangaroos that graze out the back of the Duggans' suburban house!

Girls watching TV, September 2011
The girls enjoy watching movies in the playroom. Delaney loves snuggling with her sisters.

Calista at the dollhouse, September 2011
Calista loves playing at the dollhouse.

Brioni in dress-ups, September 2011
The girls have been enjoying all the dress-up options.

Dakota, Jessilee and Calista in the top of the truck, September 2011
The Duggan girls have enjoyed playing in our truck while our girls play in their playroom!

David with Aisha on the bike, September 2011
Aisha hurt her ankle on Tuesday and so we bandaged it up to protect it. We either carry her or she sits on her bike to go distances.

Aisha hopping down the hall, September 2011
Aisha's ankle is still sore, so she's been hopping. "I'm a butterfly," she says as she comes down the hall.

David reading the Kindle, September 2011
David's been enjoying certain books on the Kindle.

Delaney sitting in a dog bed, September 2011
Dell loves to sit in the dog's bed — it's just the right size for her!

Nick is recovering from Valley Fever/coccidioidomycosis and so is currently at home full-time. We took the kids out so he could enjoy some peace and quiet.

Swimming at Duggans', September 2011
Our girls have enjoyed this introduction to the swim season with their friends — although Allison and I both thought the water was still too cool.

Dakota and David in the pool, September 2011
Dakota loves to be thrown really high and she's light enough for David to manage it.

Riding bikes and scooters, September 2011
This afternoon, all the girls rode their bikes and scooters down the street to the park. David let Brandy the dog pull him along on the extra scooter.

Jessilee and Brioni, September 2011
After riding to the local playground, our girls enjoyed the equipment together.

Aisha on the playground, September 2011
Aisha has learned how to climb around without using her right foot — it's still too sore to put any weight on.

Allison pushing Dakota on the swing, September 2011
Allison re-introduced us to the term "under-dog". It means a swing push that takes you *all* the way under the person on the swing and is a very efficient way of getting the swing very high without many pushes.

Lauren and David, September 2011
At the park it's nice to sit together and watch our children play.

We have loved our special talks with the Duggans and observing how the girls interact. Now that David and Nick have also connected in a meaningful way, Allison and I look forward to getting together more often — but who knows where and when that will be!