David in Leeton Floors' showroom, July 07
Here's a picture of David in Leeton Floors' showroom. He's been working here for the last four weeks and has concentrated on selling the stock that's been sitting in the warehouse collecting dust.

David has officially finished up at Leeton Floors, having worked the agreed month. It’s been a good experience for him. He’s discovered that he likes working as part of a team, but at the same time he needs praise and recognition of his outstanding efforts.

We’re still trying to decide what we’ll do for the future. We really love the community here in Leeton, but we’re not sure about a future with Leeton Floors.

But we are resolved on one point. We’ll have to get home and get the house fixed up so that we can sell it and then we’ll be able to properly entertain possibilities for the future.

We’ll stay in Leeton a couple more days. David is working on the truck, refining some features and adding new ones. Afterwards, we’ll start driving east towards Canberra, with a day or two at the Snowy Mountains.

Today I was able to pop online while the clothes are washing themselves in the laundromat next-door (and David has the girls), so it was a good time to post a couple entries and these photos up. I’m really pleased to have seen all your comments, and I’m encouraged to keep you up-to-date with our travels, so keep checking back for more!