Today, we loved receiving visitors in our home and catching up with Kerrie and her two sons. When I first wrote about a promising day three and a half years ago, I didn’t know that I was noting the start of a lovely friendship with Kerrie and her family!

With Alex and Damien almost the same ages as Aisha and Brioni, it’s been fun and fascinating to watch all four grow up together — similar and yet still so different! During our recent travels in New Zealand, our girls have constantly talked about Damien and Alex. (Brioni says she’s going to marry Damien, but I don’t think she’s told him yet!)

Damien, September 2011
Damien enjoys the options in our dress-ups box the best.

Alex, September 2011
Everyone — especially Alex — enjoyed riding the gyrocars down the driveway and into the shed. We've discovered that carpet on the floor is a natural braking system for the wheels.

Kerrie, September 2011
It was a blessing to us to see Kerrie again. We loved hearing reports of how she and the family have recently moved to a new house. It sounds like this new home is a really good space for them to be in!

Although our girls were reticent to start off with (much like on this day in August last year), they later joined the boys in play. The kids rode their bikes together, fossicked in the dress-ups box and explored parts of the yard and the shed — even our Freedom Truck!

Playing in the truck, September 2011
The kids enjoyed exploring and playing inside our Freedom Truck as well as with all the toys in the shed.

David with his four daughters, September 2011
Despite the boy visitors, David was still the most popular male around!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Kerrie! It was lovely to see you and the boys again, and we look forward to visiting you soon.

(And as a side-note, Aisha lost her second tooth — from the bottom — today. She was teasing Calista — growling at her — and Calista batted her hand into Aisha’s face and the tooth fell right out!)