Today’s big excitement came from a new (but secondhand) bicycle. We found a good bike in the right size for Aisha at the local markets, and she happily passed her smaller model to Calista.

Aisha on her new bike, September 2011
Aisha's thrilled to be riding a bigger bike!

Brioni and Calista on bikes, September 2011
The smaller bike is just the right size for Calista. She's mastered the use of pedals in just a couple days.

During these two weeks back at our base camp, we’ve enjoyed giving our girls the opportunity to practice their bike skills. When we left in February, the girls were too timid to ride their bikes down the sloping driveway into the shed. Today, they don’t hesitate.

Both Brioni and Aisha have asked us to remove their training wheels so they learn to ride properly. Soon we’ll take the family and all our bikes to a local park to make that happen!