Australians mark Father’s Day on the first Sunday in September, although it’s just a marketing holiday — not a real holiday — just a day dreamt up in order to get us to buy stuff out of guilt. I’m not sucked in by the merchandise, but my mind has been turned to my father who lives 650 km away.

Victor Bissett, June 2011
My aunt took this photo of my dad at his workplace. (Thanks, A. Gwenda!)

I’m very proud of how Dad has coped with great life changes — especially in these recent years. He came to Australia very abruptly but has carved out a comfortable life for himself in Sydney — with a satisfying job in a federal government department. Even before he was in paid work, he volunteered with several organisations and pursued studies to keep himself occupied.

I appreciate the honest relationship I have with my dad. If I desire anything for my children — it’s that they know who I am and love me, just as I love them and know them!

I regret that I haven’t always done this — I’ve sought to change people (and my dad) so that they could fit into my peculiarly-shaped heart. Now God has grown my heart infinitely larger so that it has a greater capacity to love others.

And I do love you, Dad. Very much. I’m so happy you’re doing fabulously well and look forward to visiting with you soon!