As we adjust to living in our shed home back in the southern Brisbane suburbs, our girls are getting used to things that they had forgotten about. And we’re learning again how to live in suburbia — we’re sharing a back yard with our fabulous tenants. But it’s only temporary — we hope to hit the road again soon.

After leaving our house for six months, we’ve been delighted to return to it and see that it’s been well looked-after. Karina is pregnant with their third child — a blessing and a sign that the household has settled in nicely to their new home!

Welcome food, August 2011
Karina prepared a lovely welcome basket for us of fresh vegetables and bread.

It didn’t take long for our girls to start pulling out their old toys. When we left Australia in February, Delaney was still crawling. She’s grown up heaps since we left and is enjoying the large expanses of concrete on which she can ride her little wheely toys.

Delaney and Brioni on gyrocars, August 2011
Our girls are enjoying rediscovering old toys — especially their gyrocars, bikes and baby-dolls!

Delaney, 20 months old, August 2011
Delaney loves sitting in her swing that is hanging inside the shed.

With the house and yard in such great shape, there hasn’t been much maintenance to catch up on. In the past couple of days, David cleaned the driveway down at the shed, and I’ve sprayed for weeds.

Aisha pressure-washing the driveway, August 2011
Aisha enjoys working alongside David, and she was eager to help pressure-wash the driveway!

Brioni and David cooking, August 2011
Brioni has been especially interested in helping contribute to the running of our little household. Here David carefully shows her the art of stirring a hot pot.

Calista and Delaney bathing in tubs, August 2011
We're back to tub-baths. There's a hot shower for us to use, but the girls really enjoy sitting in a tub of water — it keeps them happy and entertained for a very long time!

Our girls have enjoyed playing with Heidi and Ivy again, and we’ve been delighted by the joint imagination they all display in their elaborate fantasy games as they run around the garden. It’s lovely for our girls to return to friends when we come “home”, and we’re enjoying cementing these special times so that the relationships are in place for the future.

I especially love wandering through our back yard — remembering all the plants that I put in, the hours spent tending and watering tiny plants, and enjoying the lush growth. Returning to our house after a length of time away means I see great changes in the garden and can properly appreciate the plants’ growth.

Delaney and Calista playing on the trampoline, August 2011
The trampoline isn't just for jumping on! Delaney and Calista amuse themselves by peering through the springs and laughing for sheer pleasure.

We’ve had the inevitable errands to run — trips to the bank and the doctor, visits to the shops and the library. In the six months that we’ve been away, some things have changed drastically — new constructions, especially — and others are comfortably the same.

David and Calista at the Eagleby shops, August 2011
Down at the local shops, David and the girls discovered a change in tenant-retailers — which is pretty exciting to a family of little girls!

Aisha on the gyrocar, August 2011
The girls rode their gyrocars to the local shops and parks, and when the opportunity presented itself, Aisha decided to steer hers down a shallow gutter!

So as we settle back into our temporary “home”, we’re grateful to be back. We’re especially thankful that we didn’t sell our house as we intended to in the past. It’s wonderful to have a base to come back to, and we look forward to travelling some more in the near future!