While waiting in the Auckland airport on the weekend, we suddenly found ourselves on the periphery of a flash mob dance. We’ve loved seeing videos of flash mobs on Youtube, especially the historic Do-Re-Mi one in a Belgian train station in 2009. But we never expected to see one performed in front of us!

Flash mob, Auckland Airport, August 2011
The dancers were well choreographed and repeated the dance twice (with a half-hour interval in between takes). Film crew circled the dancers, capturing the action for a TV show.

The NZ Herald has reported that the flash mob was filmed as an ad stunt for a local TV show. David caught the dance on video both times, and we joined the segments together to share on Youtube.

If you’re interested in joining a flash mob, it takes quite a commitment to attend rehearsals in advance. There are many local flash mob groups listed on Facebook, and even if you don’t participate, you can show up at the time and place to enjoy the free show!