Contrary to what has been our habit, today we’re not the ones moving on. We’re the ones standing on the steps of the house waving good-bye as our friends leave town!

Friends in Dargaville have moved on — they’re heading south to a new job in a rural area. We’ve been able to help a little bit with their packing and cleaning, but more in just looking after their children so Katrina and Hayden could work without many interruptions.

Today, before it was time to leave, our families enjoyed one last good play together. We took Bethany, Faith and Shanay to a local playground, an op shop and the library. David and I noticed today that all Lang girls are very affectionate with us, and we feel privileged to have shared in their lives at this time!

Aisha and Faith, August 2011
The girls' little toys simultaneously say goodbye with cuddles.

When the car was finally packed and all the children buckled in, it was sad to say good-bye. The Langs had quite a crowd to send them off. Neighbours came from along the street and across the road. I suspect the noise level is going to be way down now.

We’re also feeling ready to move on, and I’m starting to get excited about international air travel. Travelling on a plane is very exciting for me and I get vicarious pleasure through the children’s enjoyment too. We’re looking forward to what the future holds for us when we move back to Australia.