I’ve been enjoying my scrapbooking nights out immensely. Part of it is because I am getting away from home (without the girls), and part of it is a natural continuation of my love of desktop publishing and a paper.

I’ve had a go with simple pages, and my next project (hopefully I’ll complete it on Friday night) will be a cube with photos of the girls on the sides. I intend to display it at work so I can show off my beautiful girls without forcing people to browse through an album.

Here are my first efforts at pages:

Scrapbooking, June 07
This was my second page ever. I love this photo of Aïcha, taken when she was eight weeks old. She was such a good sleeper — right from the beginning. She slept through at 3 weeks and dropped the late-night feed at 7 weeks. I've added the Arabic script of her name, but upon double-checking it, I notice that've I omitted a squiggle — probably a crucial one, so I'll fix that up on Friday night.

Scrapbooking, July 07
This was the page I did for Brioni. The journalling says, "At eight months, Baby B constantly pokes out her tongue and smiles readily at everyone. Brioni loves company and crawls around the house looking for Aïcha."