Our Leeton house
This little house is where we're living at the moment.

It’s been two weeks now that we’ve been living in our “Leety House”, as Aïcha calls it. We ended up with a lounge suite in addition to the dining set & fridge that was loaned to us. So really, the house is as furnished as we need it to be. I’m coping well with the bare minimum in the kitchen, too, so perhaps this is a wake-up call to declutter our house when we get back!

Leeton is a small town of 7000 people, and we still find it astonishing when we run into friends and acquaintances while we’re “up the main street”, but I think it must happen all the time, as the locals don’t remark upon it. They do, however, rubberneck when I’m driving the Leeton Floors ute — probably trying to work out who I am!

We’ve been fellowshipping with the church family we were a part of in ’96 & ’97, and it’s been nice to once again be a part of their lives.

Brioni, Aïcha and David, June 07
Going for a walk on a wintery day.

I have the use of a Leeton Floors vehicle (a ute) upon prior arrangement with David, so on the days when I have wheels, I really feel the freedom! I take the ute to the laundromat or the supermarket, sometimes with the girls (both in carseats), and of course, the library. When David needs to use the ute, I occasionally walk four kilometres into town, pushing the girls in the double pram. Leeton Floors is on the outskirts of town, so I pass it twice and often stop in to say hello to David or Rachel.

I feel an acute loneliness that comes from being disconnected (does that mean all my friends are online?), and I miss being able to quickly look up the answer to a trivial question or check the weather. I also notice that I am absolutely tied to the girls, as at home I could often duck down to the shops without the girls when David was working in the shed. On Tuesday night, I was gleefully light as I drove away to a craft night at a scrapbooking shop, leaving David at home with the girls.

The charm of the change of climate and environs hasn’t worn off, and we still have more to look forward to when we visit some friends in Canberra, so I’m not ready to come home yet. But, wow, I miss being online!