It just happens — we chat to people. They find out we’re nomadic and offer friendship and hospitality. Sometimes these new friends are the neighbours of our current hosts, and we are privileged to be on the scene to watch a new friendship bloom. Like here in Warkworth — we made friends with Mandy’s neighbours and both households ended up partying together as old mates!

Our initial meeting with Mandy’s neighbours came when we introduced ourselves to Jason who was chopping wood out the front of the house next door. We discovered that his partner Tiffany has a 7yo son who is on school holidays, so the next day we invited Colin over for a play.

David and I appreciate how fast our children are able to make new friendships now that they’ve become used to a nomadic way of life. Although they used to be shy and reticent, they’ve discovered the benefits of quickly building up a rapport with new friends! They chat, share toys and eagerly take up invitations to play.

Jumping on the trampoline with Colin, July 2011
Our three girls get on very well with 7yo Colin who lives next door. They play in the spa pool together while at Mandy's and at Col's house jump on the trampoline and watch movies on the large-screen tv.

Nathan and Jason in Warkworth, July 2011
A fire in a barrel provides an outlet for the men's pyromania tendencies and keeps us warm as we sit outdoors and watch the children play.

After Col and the girls spent the day together, we all ended up hanging out in Jason and Tiffany’s backyard. When Mandy came over, she discovered one of Jason’s old mates is also an old house-painting friend of hers! Then Bonnie came over to join the party, and she connected with the neighbours and their friends too!

We finally pulled the girls away from the tv after a mega-movie-marathon but were happy to leave with promises of new friendship. David took Colin into town with the girls the next day and later Jason drove in to pick them up.

Colin in our truck, July 2011
Col thought it was very exciting to ride in our truck as we moved from Mandy's driveway into the driveway of his house next door.

It’s affirming to discover that the friendly community we have always sought can be created wherever we’re parked!