After receiving the invitation back to Mandy’s in Warkworth to celebrate her birthday, we ended up staying most of the week. It’s lovely to be with friends again after our time on our own in Auckland. Warkworth is a beautiful little town, and the house is close to the centre of the retail district, so David walks into town most days with the girls.

Mandy's house, July 2011
We've been blessed by every day we've been able to stay parked outside Mandy's exceptionally beautiful house in Warkworth.

Delaney, 19 months old, July 2011
With access to a washing machine, I felt brave enough to let Delaney have a turn at feeding herself — an experience that you can see she loved! (Although she's 19 months old, I usually still hand-feed her all sloppy meals so that we don't build up a large amount of clothes washing while we're on the road.)

Patting Bonnie, July 2011
Our girls love cuddling and petting the dogs at Mandy's house. The boxer Bonnie laps up all the attention that is offered.

Inside Mandy's house, July 2011
The girls spend most of their time colouring and drawing around the huge kitchen table. Mandy has decorated her house in spectacular fashion, and the girls are fascinated by all her pretty objects!

Aisha's picture of Nathan in Mandy's kitchen, August 2011
Aisha later drew this picture of Nathan grating cheese in Mandy's kitchen. (I'm certain that she got his foot size in proportion — Nathan's feet are huge!)

Enjoying Mandy's spa pool, July 2011
The girls love playing in the heated spa pool. Mandy uses the pool on almost a daily basis, and David and I have enjoyed several late-night soaks. Such luxury!

Delaney, 19 months old, July 2011
Dell has started requesting to be placed up high in the truck so she can look out the window. While parked at Mandy's, we are opposite a playing field and the noises of the children playing entices Delaney to see what's going on.