On Friday night we finally hit the road. Although there David wanted to do a couple more modifications to the truck, we had the feeling that if we didn’t leave, we would never get going. We only drove a couple of hours before stopping for the night in a small country town in outback Queensland.

Lauren in the Freedom Truck, June 07
Good morning! On Saturday morning we were still feeling excited about finally being on the road in the Freedom Truck.

Freedom Truck in Millmerran, Queensland, June 07
Here's the Freedom Truck's first official campout spot -- Millmerran in Queensland.

B & A, June 07
The girls liked playing in the back of the truck after breakfast.

On Saturday We stopped at the artesian well hot springs of Moree, NSW, where we could go swimming outside, despite it being a chilly day. In the swimming complex, announcements kept coming over the PA system in six eastern European languages reminding swimmers to get out of the hot water every five minutes. Apparently, because of the hot springs, Moree is popular with many immigrants and tourists of eastern European origin. After our swim, we drove further south to Gilgandra.

Lauren, A & B, June 07
Both girls enjoyed our swim at Moree, and they slept well in the truck afterwards.

We visited Dubbo’s open plain zoo on Sunday and Monday. Aïcha’s favourite animals were the rabbits (wild), crows (wild) and ducks (wild). She also enjoyed the elephants and the giraffes. I was amused that she kept saying “Bingo was his name” for the dingo.

We drove two laps of the park, getting out to walk stretches, and then we took a third lap with David and Aïcha standing up with their heads out of the truck’s top hatches to watch the animals “safari-style”.

David at Dubbo Zoo, June 07
Despite the signs asking us to refrain from feeding the animals, David was sure that the rhino would appreciate cheese-spread on Vitawheats. (He was right).

A & B at Dubbo Zoo, June 07

Dubbo Zoo, June 07


David & the girls, Dubbo Zoo, June 07

Lauren & Brioni, June 07
That's me driving the Freedom Truck with Brioni sitting in Aïcha's seat.

Aïcha & David, June 07
David enticed the deer to eat from his hand.

Lauren & Brioni, June 07

Brioni, June 07
David fitted two carseats into the front of the truck. Brioni's capsule is sideways so she can see the driver, and Aïcha sits high above her. Usually I ride as the passenger next to the driver. Brioni likes being able to interact with everyone.

Aïcha, June 07
And we also had some sad (read: loud) times on the trip, when it got too much for us all.