Paper lanterns involve several levels of child involvement — from painting the paper to folding it and then gluing everything in place. Johnny helped our girls make this easy craft while we were staying at his place.

Painting and making lanterns with Johnny, June 2011
The girls always enjoy painting, and then Johnny helped them fold their artworks into beautiful paper lanterns.

Paper lanterns, June 2011
With the addition of little tea-light-candles, the colourful paper lanterns become beautiful decorations in the evening.

Fire always makes evening-times special. Our girls enjoy lighting candles, and I was surprised this week to discover that Aisha had taught herself how to light conventional matches. This new skill was soon tempered by an incident where she burnt her thumb, so we’re not concerned about her becoming a budding pyromaniac. Instead, she used her new ability to light candles appropriately, including the ones we put in the paper lanterns.

I’ve looked everywhere online for a tutorial for the specific lanterns that Johnny folded, but I haven’t been able to find them. A quick google will give you a number of different, easy patterns to follow. 

I highly recommend trying this activity with your children!