This visit to La Hacienda has been subdued in one way (because I’ve been sick most of the day with a head-cold and earache), but the girls are so comfortable with Johnny that they embrace their time with him and make the most of the unusual collection of toys (and musical instruments) that are on hand in the house.

Calista and Aisha on musical instruments, June 2011
A friend of Johnny's has left his electronic keyboard at La Hacienda for visitors to play. The girls like experimenting with all the different buttons.

Calista and Aisha on musical instruments, June 2011
Calista sits behind the keyboard and deejays with the percussion and chord buttons. Aisha uses a stick to strum on the old guitar.

Calista especially is very attuned to music and drumbeats, and she dances to almost any sounds she hears. It’s a joy to watch her move in time to music, and we love to encourage her interest by exposing her to a variety of music styles.

Johnny and the girls, making music, June 2011
Johnny's house has a number of different musical instruments that encourage creative play. Johnny is always happy to sing and clap in accompaniment.

Whenever we visit, the girls thrive on Johnny’s attention. They have unanimously declared him one of their most “playful and fun friends”.

Enjoying a tea party at Johnny's, June 2011
Making music is such thirsty work! Johnny made pots of tea for the girls, and they loved helping themselves to the hot drink!

Dancing to music, June 2011
In the evenings, the girls love to dance to the tunes emitting from the keyboard's demonstration function.

Calista on a skateboard, June 2011
When the weather permitted outside play, the girls ventured out of the house to explore other areas of play.

During this time, David has been marvellous in recording the days with the Flip video camera so although I’ve been out of things, I can still vicariously enjoy the girls’ antics. Thanks for all your work with the girls, David, I really appreciate it!