The other day, Aisha asked me to show her how to plait hair. After just the one quick demonstration, Aisha retained enough knowledge and started practicing on the toys around her.

Aisha with a plaited tail, June 2011
Aisha's very proud to have discovered that she can plait now! It's easier to practice on a inanimate object.

Aisha brushing Calista's hair, June 2011
After some coaxing, Aisha managed to convince Calista to let her try twisting a braid.

Aisha plaiting Calista's hair, June 2011
It's tricky to hold three strands of hair in two small hands *and* twist them in the right order!

Seeing that Aisha can learn how to braid so quickly reinforces our belief that when it’s the right time, our daughters have the capacity to quickly and painlessly learn new abilities. We don’t need to drill these things into them — they can grasp new concepts by themselves and in doing so, our children will empower themselves to learn future skills autonomously.

Calista with the ponies, June 2011
Perhaps the inspiration for doing the ponies' hair came from the different hairstyles on display on these little toys.

I like seeing Calista lining up the toys like this. It’s a beautiful, methodical arrangement that shows she’s maturing into a more complicated level of play. It’s lovely to watch our children grow up!