David and I have never been fans of co-sleeping. It just hasn’t been our family style. However, while travelling in such small quarters, we’ve adjusted to each other’s space and noise. Here’s what our family looks like while sleeping together in the horse truck.

The three girls sharing a bed, June 2011
When we put them to bed, the three girls lay together in a nicely parallel fashion. But after a couple of hours, they find a new way to fit together on the queen-sized mattress.

Delaney sleeping, June 2011
Delaney loves the tightness of her blanket-box-bed and sleeps happily in it at night and for day-naps. We put her in a sleeping bag for extra warmth on cool evenings.

David sleeping, June 2011
Up in the top bed, David is already wrapped up and asleep. There's plenty of room for me to climb in and lay next to him — although personal effects are tumbling out of the shelves and onto the bed. (I just push them out of the way and pack them properly back into their spots before we drive off.)

After previously believing that we needed a bedroom for each child (plus a separate one for us!), I find my core beliefs about what is necessary for a happy family life have changed so much over the past year! We’re very thankful for all the changes that have happened to us and the freedom that we’re now living in — including sleeping together in tight quarters!