We don’t live in a campervan or motorhome. Our travelling rigs are unique, and they allow us to pursue a nomadic lifestyle with no hassles. Here are the summaries of our home(s) on the road!

The Freedom Truck (Australia)

Our parking spot outside Mitchell, November 2010

Our Australian home on wheels is a combination of David’s ex-work freighter truck and a modified go-cart trailer. We first bought the new, box-body truck in the beginning of 2007, and David modified it into a work truck that he could also over-night in. We travelled from May to August in 2007 throughout central-west and southern NSW.

Late in 2009, we bought a go-kart trailer and modified it: as the ensuite carriage for our Freedom Truck. The trailer’s drawbar snapped outside Chinchilla during our trip to the edges of Queensland’s outback, but kind farmers welded it up for us and it’s served us faithfully ever since.

This is our current travelling rig.

The Horse Truck (New Zealand)

Driving on Shipwreck Bay beach, April 2011

We bought our horse truck in Auckland, New Zealand in February. and drove it north in a couple of days. We slept on mattresses in the back on the way and then stayed in some friends’ farmhouse while we stripped the truck back and re-lined it with polystyrene insulation and new plywood.

We started camping permanently in the horse truck in mid-March and gradually added the finishing touches to the interior so there’s a place for everything. After spending six months living in it, at the end of August 2011 we left New Zealand to return to Australia.

It’s currently parked and awaiting our return to New Zealand at the end of 2011.

Our Queensland home

Our house, July 2009

We have a property in southeast Queensland that is for sale. This is no longer our home, since we have lovely tenants in place, caring for the house and grounds, but it was our first home and we lived in it for ten years. A large home in a great location, we spent many years renovating it and then enjoyed a glorious year of living in a fully-finished, absolutely beautiful house before we got itchy feet.

Previously, we believed that we couldn’t leave our house without selling it. However, by taking a different approach, we advertised for care-takers for our house, lowered the rent drastically, and helped a lovely family move in! We’re pleased that they’re taking such good care of our property — they’re delighted to have a nice place at a good price! It’s been the beginning of a beautiful relationship, and we look forward to catching up with our tenants (and friends!) every time we return to our Queensland base.

Queensland base camp

Shed warehouse in our backyard, Nov 2009

When we need a stable base for short-term stays in southeast Queensland, we live in the shed that’s at the back of our Queensland property. This warehouse also stores our Freedom Truck and trailer when we’re travelling overseas. It’s large, under-cover and good fun for our daughters who love playing with the children who live in the main house. But it’s only an short stay in the shed until we get on the road again!