Small hand turns keys, May 07

…to me!

I had a heart-stopping moment this morning while I was hanging clothes out on the line. Aïcha shut the door behind me and proudly declared, “Door’s locked.”

Yep, sure enough, she had turned the keys in the lock and I was shut outside. I patiently coached her in turning the key while mentally browsing through my options.

  1. Leave the girls inside all day until David comes home (around 7 pm).
  2. Climb through flyscreen of the lounge room window (located up high — how would I honestly manage that?).
  3. Go next door and phone David to ask him to come home early with keys.
  4. Could Aïcha pull the keys out and pass them to me through a hole somewhere?
  5. And why had I brought my secret, spare set of keys inside in the first place?!

Thankfully, with about five minutes of persistence, Aïcha managed to unlock the door again.

So my lesson is this: leave the spare keys out, and don’t leave keys in the lock anymore (something David’s been remindng me for years)!