We’ve been spending time here in Dargaville with another family with four girls. I was first introduced to the Langs via Katrina’s blog, and we’ve been trading comments on each other’s blogs for several years now.

It was lovely to meet Kat when she knocked on our truck door after reading that we were in Dargaville. She said it wasn’t hard to find us — the horse truck is quite distinctive, and there aren’t many public places where we could park for the night in such a small town!

At the Langs’ house, we met Hayden and his four daughters. The Langs’ oldest girl is eight, and the youngest is almost two, so we have several daughters that are very similar in age. We were immediately welcomed warmly into the house, and although our girls took a little while to start talking with their new friends, they loved the smorgasbord of toys!

Lang girls and ours, June 2011
Tahlia and Calista enjoy reading books together. Calista makes up random words, and almost 2yo Tahlia happily copies her.

Lang girls and ours, June 2011
The Lang girls have a fabulous collection of toys, including the biggest variety of Fisher-Price Little People that I've seen outside a department store.

Lang girls, June 2011
4yo Shanay loves to sing along with her music player.

Lang girls and ours, June 2011
Aisha loves playing with the collection of little ponies and their accessories. She and 6yo Faith have quickly built a special connection.

Brioni, 4yo, June 2011
There are so many different toys available for the girls to browse. It's so much fun!

Today, the Fishers and the Langs swapped girls for a few hours and took a short drive to the local markets. Aisha and Brioni opted to stay at at the Langs’ house so they could keep playing, and three of the Lang girls wanted to come out with us. It was fun to have an outing with five girls!

Faith and Bethany, June 2011
The Lang girls enjoyed the opportunity to ride in the back of our truck.

After browsing through the little hall and chatting to some locals, we were directed to keep heading down the road to the beach. The Lang girls are very familiar with Glinks Gully — it’s where they camp in the summertime — and they enjoyed returning to the beach in the chillier (but sunny) weather.

Lang girls, June 2011
As soon as they were out of the truck, the girls and David ran into the surf.

Calista, 3yo, June 2011
Calista wasn't interested in the surf — she browsed the beach for pretty shells.

Lang girls and ours, June 2011
Even a quadruple swing-set isn't enough for our large family today.

While in the park, we enjoyed some fruit that David and the girls picked earlier in Dargaville, and Bethany decided to make lemonade with the lemons when she got home. Back at the house, she set to work — cutting the lemons, squeezing the juice, adding sugar and water. It’s fascinating to watch an older child in action — we have so much to look forward to as our daughters get older!

Lang girls and ours, June 2011
Everyone enjoyed the yummy lemonade that Bethany made.

We’re especially blessed because this weekend is a long weekend in New Zealand (celebrating the Queen’s birthday), which means that Hayden will be home tomorrow as well. We love having the extra time to get to know him and his lovely family, and — as always — the timing of our untimed visit is perfect!

Lang girls and ours, June 2011
At the end of the day, David and Hayden wind down by watching television with their daughters.