There’s been excitement in our family as 6yo Aisha’s teeth have started their long-anticipated change. Finally she can wiggle her front bottom tooth — and it’s clear that a replacement is already on its way!

Aisha's shark tooth, May 2011
Aisha's bottom teeth have started growing in although she hasn't lost any yet!

According to eminent online sources, this is a frequent condition called “shark’s teeth”. It’s not uncommon for the adult teeth to start growing in before the baby teeth have fallen out, and so we’re not concerned about Aisha’s double set of teeth!

Actually, I’ve been the one most longing for Aisha to start losing her teeth. I have strong memories of losing my first tooth overnight while we were living in Tahoua, Niger. With later teeth, I was at boarding school in Nigeria — Kent Academy. When I discovered that I could get money for my teeth, I earnestly started wiggling all the teeth that were not yet replaced. Before I turned seven, I had lost all eight of my front teeth.

Obviously, we’re hoping that Aisha isn’t motivated by greed to pull out her teeth. We’re not sure yet how we’ll mark this rite-of-passage, but money will probably play a role. What do you do in your household to mark each tooth’s loss?