We’ve experienced a number of wet days, but they don’t hamper our style so much as modify it. We’ve found that by appreciating our situation, we can think clearly and creatively to come up with ways to work with any potential circumstances.

Floodwaters at Kaeo, May 2011
We've been hearing about how Kaeo floods for years — today we got to see the water rising! It crossed over the highway in several places but didn't cut it off to through-traffic.

Girls watching a DVD in the truck, May 2011
The girls are happy if a rainy day means that we put Playschool or another DVD on for them to watch.

The best part about a rainy day is when you receive a phone-call from a friend making sure that you’re okay. It’s always lovely to know that others are thinking of you, and when they reiterate an invitation to come up to their warm, dry house, it reminds us that we’re not alone in this part of the world!