Last night we joined a diverse group of people in a jam session. David and I don’t play instruments, but we appreciate fine music, and in a little farm house well off the main road, we heard a variety of good tunes.

Tony's place at night, May 2011
A dozen cars squeezed in around Tony's house on the clear, cool night.

Jam session, May 2011
The musicians always enjoy coming together to create new sounds as well as playing old favourites.

Tony on saxophone, May 2011
Tony — tonight's host — likes to play the saxophone and sing lead vocals.

David had worked with Tony and Nathan earlier in the day — helping construct a second house on Tony’s property. Tony is an experienced builder, and is using conventional materials (mostly timber) in his construction.

David with Aisha and Brioni, May 2011
The two older girls were still awake when the music started, so they were able to see part of the jam session.

Nathan Low, May 2011
We saw Nathan play three instruments at the jam session — lead guitar, bass and drums.

The night turned into a well-tuned karaoke session, with old favourites being played and sung. When we needed a break, David, our friend Tracey and I retreated into the front of our truck and watched a movie on our laptop. It was a lovely way to finish the evening.

After the movie, David and I said good-night and moved into our bed in the back of the truck. All four girls had been sleeping soundly — even with the music cranking outside the window, and we enjoyed a good night’s sleep until the chooks woke us up in the morning.