I thought I had a couple more years before the girls started borrowing my clothes, but it’s not the case. Today I’ve discovered that size doesn’t matter to Brioni, as long as she feels comfortable in something — she’ll wear it gladly!

We received a lovely parcel today from Hong Kong containing a gorgeous handbag, some books, small toys and clothes. The girls were very excited about opening the box and wanted everything that was in it — including the things that were meant for me!

Calista, 3yo, May 2011
The girls were immediately involved in playing with the toys and books that came in today's parcel.

Brioni, 4yo, May 2011
She's definitely got her own sense of style! Brioni quickly appropriated the clothes — my shirt and the jeans and baby hat that should be Delaney's — as well as the fish bag that now hangs around her neck.

Renée always sends packages full of well-chosen items. Thank you, Renée, for everything!