We love being back at Peria, parked behind the Bush Fairy Dairy at La Hacienda. We drove in on Friday night and received a lovely welcome from Johnny, Nadine and Nathan when we parked not far from the main house.

On Saturday, as soon as we judged it late enough in the morning, we let the girls go up to the house. They were excited to see Johnny and play with the lovely collection of toys that belong to the Rainbow Kids playgroup.

Yesterday was a special day because Calista and Delaney both started to interact properly with Johnny, responding to his questions and little songs. The girls love playing with Johnny, and today they were making more music together, singing and dancing to their own beat.

Playing music and dancing with Johnny, May 2011
Johnny and Aisha played drums in accompaniment to the music, and Brioni and Calista danced in time.

Aisha and Brioni making music, May 2011
As well as using instruments, the girls improvised with spoons, pots, pans and whatever else they could find.

David was happy to help around the property. There are some outstanding jobs that need doing, and one was to construct a new chook yard.

David and Nadine, May 2011
David and Nadine worked together to set up a new chook run after fallen trees broke the fence for the old one.

Later in the afternoon, we heard that the Bush Fairy Dairy was going to receive a great number of visitors. When we heard a large number of motorcycles, the girls and I went for a look.

Calista and Aisha watching the bikies at Bush Fairy Dairy, May 2011
We were excited to see a large contingent of off-road bikers pull into the Bush Fairy Dairy for their afternoon tea.

I was amused to see a Kahoe farmer in the group of bikers. We met Mike when we were camping on his property in March during our first camping trip in the truck. Mike and I enjoyed a friendly conversation, sharing our mutual enjoyment of a television series featuring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman in a long-range motorcycling trip called Long Way Round.

Mike shared that one of the bikers in his club travels to Mongolia each year and takes motorbike enthusiasts to visit Ewan McGregor’s BMW motorbike that was abandoned there in favour of a new one. The show doesn’t record it, but after McGregor’s BMW’s frame snapped and was welded up by a local tradesman, its electrics failed. BMW shipped a new bike so McGregor could continue his journey on a brand-new bike, and the handicapped one was sold to a local.

We love visiting La Hacienda. Johnny has asked us to stay here for a week while he travels down to Auckland, so we’re looking forward to settling in. We love the way La Hacienda acts as a magnet for many people in the community — we’re always meeting new, fascinating people, and we look forward to hearing more of their stories over the next couple weeks!