It is ironic that no sooner had I written about how we are living harmoniously in tight quarters then we slipped up. It’s amazing how quickly our attitudes can shift from good to bad — even without an argumentative word being uttered aloud.

We don’t have the luxury of personal, private space in which to wallow when we are in a foul state of mind. Because we live and travel in the same vehicle, it’s not like one of us can drive off in a huff! So sometimes David or I go for a walk alone. Other times, all we need to do is sit and gaze at the peaceful scenery as we calm the angry sea within.

There are times when we really need to speak honestly and lovingly to each other without the girls interfering. I’m learning to recognise when David and I need to talk. To facilitate our conversations, we’re coming up with imaginative ways to speak to our girls to ask them to give us some space. We spent today at Taipa Beach so the girls could play freely — in sight but out of earshot — as we worked through our differences.

Delaney, 16 months old, May 2011
Whenever we're near water, Delaney gets her clothes so wet that she usually ends up naked!

Aisha, 6yo, May 2011
The older girls have started collecting special things and creating fairy hide-outs where ever we are. This collection of rocks, shells and sea weed created a very elaborate fairy village.

We’ve found that our circumstances never actually create the problems that we complain about. We fight and quarrel because we want something and don’t get it. Sometimes it’s power, appreciation, acknowledgment or help. But the truth that we’re discovering is that as long as we believe that another person holds something that we need in order to be content, we will never be at peace.

David and I cannot look to each other for the fulfillment of our needs nor the satisfaction of our desires. We need to do that within, seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Then we can manifest the divine Spirit so that we can approach others without wanting something from them.

When we’re in a needy state of mind and approach someone, we suck their life from them. It takes great discipline to serve others first, to put their needs ahead of our own, and to give of ourselves freely from the Well of Living Water that dwells within.

These are all things we’re learning along this journey. We’re thankful that we’re progressing on this path together, and that we can spend a whole day at a beautiful location like Taipa Beach — recovering and growing together in the knowledge of God.