Since leaving the Flemings’ property, we’ve been spending our days and nights at Tauranga Bay. It’s a lovely, calm bay close to the mouth of Whangaroa Harbour, and we’ve been entranced by the still water and picturesque surrounds.

Tauranga Bay, March 2011
While we've been camping at this popular beach-side spot, the weather has been perfect.

Lauren with the truck, March 2011
We've been learning to live in our little mobile home. The kitchen stuff is still disorganised as we're missing overhead cupboards, so we cook out of a suitcase.

Playing in the sand at Tauranga Bay, March 2011
The girls have loved playing in the sand and although the water is calm, they haven't been enticed to go swimming.

Brioni and Delaney on the beach, March 2011
We love seeing the girls play together in pairs — their games are different to the usual ones they play when they're all together.

Delaney napping under the truck, March 2011
Delaney has learned how to nap in whatever place we happen to be. This makes the day's napping routine very easy.

Brioni and Aisha playing, March 2011
Brioni and Aisha were working very hard on their construction, mimicking the use of tools that they've seen us working with for the last couple of weeks.

Aisha learning to cook, March 2011
Aisha has lately taken a keen interest in cooking and has been learning how to use kitchen tools safely.

Aisha and Brioni watching fishermen, Tauranga Bay, March 2011
One windy morning, we watched a string of fishermen trying their luck at fishing off the beach. None of them caught anything big enough worth taking home for breakfast.

Parking at Tauranga Bay, March 2011
We didn't stay overnight on the beach reserve because camping is prohibited there, but we drove over to a residential street each night.

While staying at Tauranga Bay, we’ve met some lovely locals. Some have shown us beautiful must-see places on our map of Northland, and others brought us bags of fresh fruit. The main tourist season is over, and so the beach was very sparcely populated.

We’re enjoying meeting a variety of very interesting, friendly people everywhere we go. This is what travelling is about — not just sight-seeing!