Yesterday afternoon, David received a phone call from Dana who works on the lifestyle program Extra on Channel Nine Brisbane. Dana said Channel Nine was interested in filming any interesting vinyl floors David had installed as part of a program on the growing resurgence of vinyl floorcoverings.

David rang around to see if any of his customers would be happy to show off their new floor and be interviewed on camera, but they were all camera-shy. So David invited the camera crew to come to our house and film the floor here!

Wow. Talk about motivation for cleaning the house. Since yesterday afternoon, we have both been running. David tidied up his shed and packed up his truck ready for work (I must go down and get photos of it to show you), and I de-cluttered the living areas and cleaned up.

This morning, J came around to help me with cleaning the house, and we mopped the floor 3 times to make sure it was sparkling!

Rory & John from Channel Nine’s Extra program arrived here about 3 pm, and they filmed some family shots of us making cuppas and eating at the kitchen [vinyl] bench. They filmed me reading Aïcha a story while sitting on a rug on the [vinyl] floor, and David sweeping the easy-maintenance [vinyl] floor. David also took the camera through a swatch of [vinyl] samples. We also were interviewed about the popularity and pros of vinyl, with David and I both answering questions. It took about an hour to get all the filming done, but we’ll probably only end up with 3 minutes on air.

Lauren & Brioni with Rory & John from Channel Nine
Lauren & Brioni with Rory & John from Channel Nine.

John the cameraman
John the Channel Nine cameraman.

John & David on location in our house
John is showing David how to sweep the floor to get the shot he wants. When Rory asked David if he had a broom for a sweeping-up scene, David wasn't sure 1) if we had a broom 2) where it would be kept.

When it gets broadcast, I’ll see if I can get a digital copy to blog (but only if we look good).

What a crazy day of fun! (But I’m so tired now — early to bed tonight for sure!)