We’re taking this horse truck and transforming it into a mobile home for our adventures here in NZ. Friends have generously offered to let us use their shed and tools for the construction of our house-truck. Now that we’ve purchased most of the materials we need, it’s time to make a start!

The Flemings' shed in NZ, February 2011
We've backed our truck up to a small shed alongside an old dairy run, and look at the landscape that surrounds us! Everywhere is beautiful in this country!

Yesterday, we took all the old sheeting off the walls of the truck. It wasn’t worth keeping the old panelling, which meant we could rip it off the walls any old way, but I drilled out most of the rivets first.

David grinding in the back of the truck, February 2011
We had to remove all the fittings from the walls so the new panels would sit nicely.

Once the demolition was complete, it was time to begin the construction!

Lauren carrying polystyrene sheet, February 2011
One of my first jobs was to cut up the polystyrene sheets we're using as insulation.

This farm is about twenty minutes away from where we’re staying, and so each time we come out here, we load everyone (and everything) into the truck. We’re thankful for the use of this shed and also for the Flemings who have invited us to dinner while we’ve been working. We’ve really appreciated it!

Bev playing with Calista and Delaney, February 2011
The girls have loved the attention of "Auntie Bev" and "Uncle Ceg" while we've been working on the farm.