When we stopped by a friends’ farm today, we discovered that they were working on creating silage. Silage is semi-fermented hay that is used as cattle fodder in drier times. To make the silage, a pile of hay is dumped in a certain spot in a paddock, usually a hollow which allows trucks to back up and dump the cut grass into it. After the hay is piled in, the grass is covered with black plastic which is held down by old tyres.

While David spoke to the farmer who owned the land, the girls played on the pile of tyres that were waiting to be used. It was a lovely, windy day, perfect for outside play!

Playing on tyres, February 2011
The girls — even Dell — liked climbing on the old tyres.

Brioni and Calista playing jack-in-the-box, February 2011
Brioni and Calista didn't tire of pretending to be jack-in-the-tyres!