We’ve been going into the closest towns to shop for supplies for our truck and camping during our time here in NZ. Since we’re starting from scratch, we have to buy almost everything we need, including tools and building materials. While at the shops, we grabbed some more pens for the girls with special books for them to draw in. I hope this will help keep them entertained while David and I work together on fitting out the truck.

Brioni colouring in her book, February 2011
The girls' pictures are quite elaborate, and a spiral-bound book keeps all the precious artworks together.

Calista drawing in her little book, February 2011
Even though 2yo Calista's drawings aren't as sophisticated as her sisters', she likes to scribble in her own little book.

In choosing the pens, the main criteria was that they were easily washable from most fabrics. Our girls tend to draw on more than they should, so with washable ink, I should be able to remove any wayward colours from their clothes!