One of the blessings of being situated in a temporary house is that we can invite people over. Today we shared a meal with Luke and received a visit from 9yo twins who live across the bay. Luke and the twins know each other well through church activities, and Luke is like an uncle to them.

Brioni with a crown of pegs, February 2011
Brioni adorned herself with a crown of pegs before dinner.

Eric and Charlotte, February 2011
When the twins came over for a visit, they immediately started playing "horsie" in the hallway.

Luke pushing Brioni while Charlotte rides his back, February 2011
Luke readily entered into the kids' games.

When we’re travelling, we always appreciate these times of fellowship where we can talk about important matters with new friends. Our evening with Luke was one of mutual encouragement as we heard how he has heard the voice of the Father in major decisions in his life and we shared how we have been learning to rest in the sovereignty of our God.

David and Luke chatting, February 2011
Luke and David talked long into the night.