Our arrival in the Blue House has been a welcome time of re-entering a place of peace and rest. We’ve brought our family through a series of recent upheavals, and it’s here in this paradise that we can reconnect as a family in love and unity.

The blue house, Whangaroa, February 2011
The Blue House is mostly white, but trimmed in blue with a blue roof. It sits near the water of Whangaroa Harbour.

Before we left Australia, David and I knew that although we weren’t planning anything — we would be alright. However, in the heat of the moment — while we were making decisions about what vehicle to buy and where to go for accommodation and food for our family of little girls — we forgot that our Father has planned our lives in eternity, and He truly is good and kind to us. So we stressed.

In retrospect, we can see that we had nothing to worry about. And we still don’t. Our future is written for us, and the plan is good.

The blue house, Whangaroa, February 2011
We've learned to keep the gate shut when we approach the house — otherwise calves run into the garden!

The blue house, Whangaroa, February 2011
Covered verandahs wrap around three sides of the Blue House — a perfect place to send the girls outside to eat!

View from the blue house, Whangaroa, February 2011 Whangaroa, February 2011
The view from the Blue House is perennially spectacular.

I’m thankful to have a washing machine and a proper bathroom again. David loves the location. And the girls are loving staying in a house again.

Aisha playing with toys in the Blue House, Whangaroa, February 2011
Once again, the girls have their own bedroom, and they love to play on the beds with some toys that they've found.

Calista playing a plane, February 2011
Calista has been wandering around the house with this little magnetic plane, experimenting to discover which surfaces it will stick to.

The Blue House, Whangaroa, February 2011
On the other side of the Blue House, the striking landform of St Paul's Rock beckons us for a climb.

One day we will no longer become mired in the pit of worry and stress, but until then, it’s good to have a peaceful place to retreat to. We’re very thankful to be staying in the Blue House, a beautiful cottage on Whangaroa Harbour, close to friends and lovely countryside.