We’re delighted to introduce you to the Jimenez family — our new friends who are also renting our Queensland home while we travel. We’ve spent the last week working alongside Karina and Aslam while their two daughters played with our girls, and it’s been a pleasure to get to know them.

Karina says that our house is basically her dream home too (except it doesn’t have a pool). Well, we’re not about to put a pool in, but we are pleased to have someone installed in our house who appreciates its spaciousness and will take good care of it in our absence.

The Jimenez's fridge fit!
One of the beautiful confirmations that the Jimenez family were supposed to be living in our house is that their fridge fit perfectly into our kitchen's odd-sized space.

Karina and Aslam, Ivy and Heidi, February 2011
It's been a pleasure getting to know the Jimenez family with many in-depth conversations over the last couple of weeks.

The Jimenez and Fisher girls on the trampoline, February 2011
Over the short time that we have been overlapping, living on the same property, our girls have enjoyed playing together.

Calista playing in the playroom, February 2011
The Jimenez girls were happy to share their toys — a real blessing since we've packed most of our toys away.

Aisha, Brioni and Ivy, February 2011
Our girls liked playing with new toys in their old playroom.

Calista and Heidi, February 2011
And sometimes the girls played together down in the shed.

Ivy opening the fridge for our girls, February 2011
The Jimenez girls showed generous hospitality to our girls, even inviting them to browse through the (evidently smelly) fridge!

Tony talking with David and Aslam, February 2011
David was able to introduce our friend Tony to Aslam and Karina. Tony will be using our shed from time to time and it was important that he got to know our tenants.

The Fisher and Jimenez girls sharing a meal, February 2011
On our last night in Queensland, Karina cooked us a lovely dinner. The girls love sharing a meal — around a different table to the one we used to sit at in this dining room.

Fishers and Jimenezes, February 2011
Here we are — with our tenants! From the start, our arrangement with our tenants is one of an on-going relationship where we care for each other.

We’re confident that Karina and Aslam will look after the house well. They’ll also be able to use the extra rooms when other family members come to stay with them, and when we come back to this house, it’ll be peaceful living in the shed with such lovely tenants residing in our house!