While we’re visiting Queensland, we’ll be camping out in our backyard shed. We’ve configured it so it’s a comfortable home — although perhaps a bit more austere than the house we’ve been used to living in.

Our kitchen corner in the shed, February 2011
We've arranged a little kitchen in one corner — we're thankful for electricity which allows us to use appliances.

David and Brioni driving the forklift, February 2011
The girls have liked helping David drive the forklift as he's been loading our belongings onto the mezzanine floors.

David showing Calista's dirty feet, February 2011
The floor of the shed is really dirty from being driven on, so we insist that the girls wear shoes so their feet don't get as black as this!

Girls' beds in the shed, February 2011
Our three older girls sleep on a storage shelf under one of the mezzanine floors.

Our bed in the trailer, February 2011
David and I sleep on our top-shelf-bed in the trailer which is parked inside the shed.

Delaney in her portable cot, February 2011
Dell sleeps alongside the trailer, in her portable cot.

Although it doesn’t look like a traditional house, our shed makes a good temporary home. This adjustment has been a good time of deliberate minimalism. We’re learning to make do with less, be happy with fewer possessions and not let ourselves get caught up by the trappings of popular consumerism.