Last night friends came over for one of our last opportunities to offer hospitality in our own home. The timing of our future plans means we’re uncertain where we’ll be on Aisha’s official sixth birthday (February 7th), so we celebrated with a cake, six candles and a song.

A couple weeks ago, we decided that we would start introducing Aisha as being “six years old” because it gets silly when we say “five but six soon”. She has been acting older, is willing to tackle harder obstacles and showing more responsibility, so it was a natural promotion!

Aisha blowing out the six candles on birthday cake, January 2011
The girls wouldn't accept that Aisha was really six until she had a cake with candles. Aisha especially wanted other kids to be around her while she was recognised as growing older, so it was great that friends could come around.

As well as a cake, I used a buttermilk cupcake recipe to make cupcakes in ice-cream cones. I find cupcakes are so easy to bake this way, and they disappear very fast! With these ones, instead of icing the cones, I added a scoop of ice cream on top.

Our friends the Pritchards were already visiting us — they came up and stayed in our house for the weekend. We’re planning on camping with them this next week — at the Brisbane Unschoolers’ camp — and this was the first time (and possibly the last) that we could share our house with them! We have tenants moving in next weekend!

It was a treat for us to see Debbie and Anthony again. David had borrowed their boat for Saturday’s outing with the Js, and at the same time he invited them for dinner. Debbie is 17 weeks pregnant with their third child (can you say “GLOWING”?), and as she’s working as a midwife, our conversation returned again and again to one of my favourite topics — babies!

I was delighted to hear that Debbie’s midwife is Di Tamaraki. She was also my attending midwife when I birthed Calista. Di impressed me with her lovely care and warm personality. I know she’ll be great for Debbie!

Seeing Debbie pregnant was also beautiful for me. It’s been the first time that I have been able to be truly content around another pregnant woman while I am not yet pregnant. Usually I wallow in a terrible case of belly-envy whenever I am in the company of a pregnant woman. But yesterday I was happy and content with my own flattish stomach, knowing that when the time is right, our family will grow.

Pritchards chat with Debbie at our house, January 2011
It has been lovely to have a full house again — the last time that we will be doing this! However, I'm certain that our tenants will fill our home with many laughing guests too.

After dinner, the boys all headed down to the shed to ride the gyro-cars down our driveway. It’s fun to see how — even with a household of young girls — we manage to attract older boys through the fun activities on offer at our house!

David and Calista on the gyrocars, January 2011
David's always a little more terrified at the speed with which the cars race down our driveway than the small children who ride them.

Coen on the gyro-car, January 2011
The boys got pretty dirty from using their feet and knees as brakes.

Jayke and Anthony on gyrocars, January 2011
When everyone raced down the driveway together, the slowest riders were the heaviest ones!

Talking on our driveway, January 2011
Our girls have always loved "Miss Debbie", and now they know that Anthony is not too scary either! It was wonderful to introduce the Rankmores and the Pritchards — these families of boys sure know how to have grand adventures too!