My recent experiences with hairdressers have given our girls a new realm of imaginative play. Instead of just playing with brushes, combs and pretend scissors, they’ve been inspired to try creating way-out hairstyles!

Aisha playing hairdresser, January 2011
Aisha used a musical instrument — the recorder — to fashion ringlets in Brioni's hair.

Brioni's funny hairstyle, January 2011
Toy kitchen utensils were threaded through the hair and twisted into place.

Brioni's funny hair, January 2011
Aisha was quite imaginative in combining a toy spatula, a proper hair elastic and part of a whipper-snipper cord in this part of her magnificent creation.

Brioni, January 2011
She may have silly things in her hair, but Brioni is still gorgeous!

(If she keeps it all in for dinner, I won’t need to set out her cutlery! “Darling, just reach over your ear for a yoghurt spoon.”)

I’m delighted that as we grow in freedom, it passes on easily to our children. They’re not feeling bound by cultural norms, and I can’t yet imagine how much they’ll be able to accomplish in their lives with this freedom!