Have you been on one of these spinning poles? Our girls are at the ages where they really enjoy them!

Delaney holding onto a spinning pole, January 2011
Delaney knows enough to hold on.

Brioni on a spinning pole, January 2011
Brioni likes to propel herself around with her feet.

Calista on a spinning pole, January 2011
Calista always asks to be be spun around by someone else.

Aisha climbing the equipment, January 2011
Aisha doesn't spend much time on the spinning poles. Her goal at the playground is to get to the highest possible level!

I’m not sure what age I was when I stopped enjoying the feeling of getting dizzy. Our girls love it, and I start to feel nauseous just watching them! I used to ride a merry-go-round for the whole recess period, and now I can barely run around in a circle to get the girls going. How about you?