A new chapter of illustration has begun in our household. We’ve been enthralled to see the complex pictures that the girls draw and colour on a daily basis.

Brioni's picture, January 2011
This picture was a cooperative effort between Brioni and Aisha. Aisha drew the girl (with the table in front of her), and Brioni added all the colour. This girl is ten years old, and she's at a birthday party with her cake in front of her. The streamers and balloons add to the festive atmosphere, and a couple unopened presents are waiting on the ground.

Remember that this time last year Brioni was the one who liked to look at books upside-down? She still has an opposite view to the norm.

Brioni's name, January 2011
4yo Brioni writes her name really well — it's just often completely reversed.

Aisha has continued to progress with her illustration. She often draws to a theme familiar to her own view of the world — parties, mothers with babies and children playing. I love hearing the stories she tells about each picture.

Aisha's hand colouring in, January 2011
Aisha likes to blend different colours together.

Aisha's drawing, January 2011
I'm astounded at the amount of detail in Aisha's drawings lately. She creates panoramas with a wealth of activity going on.

Aisha's drawing, January 2011
In Aisha's playground picture, the wind at the top of the slide is blowing the girls' hair backwards. One boy is hiding behind a tree (whose leaves are dropping and changing colour), and another is hiding in long grass.

When the girls are drawing their pictures, sometimes we’ll suggest that they label things with words, but we never push it. Aisha often likes to add some words to her pictures, but Brioni is content to just write her name.