We love to spend time in nature — bushwalking in national parks, wading through fresh-water creeks or exploring the big rocks of an ocean headland. But it’s hard on the feet and today we finally replaced our feet with new ones — FiveFingers.

David and Lauren's Fivefinger shoes, January 2011
We both wore ours for most of the day. Mine are red (of course).

When I was looking for all-terrain shoes, one of the most important aspects was to find a shoe that could walk through water well. From experience, we’ve discovered that we usually end up getting our feet wet, and it’s not always in an environment that is conducive to being barefooted!

After extensive online research, I told David about the FiveFinger shoes, and he agreed to look at them with me. Only a couple days later, two pairs of FiveFingers turned up at our campsite on Never Never Creek! A couple from Sydney were stopping for a break at the creek, and they both had a pair which we could examine. They raved about their shoes and encouraged us to get our own.

One advantage of being home is that we have a postal address again, so I can buy things online again. Our new shoes arrived today from a local importer.

After the initial shock of feeling my toes splayed out in a most ungainly fashion, I began to forget I was wearing shoes. Likewise, David worked all day in his — doing everything from replacing the toilet cistern to manhandling huge rolls of vinyl. So far, they’re great!

We’re looking forward to wearing our FiveFingers for most of our bushwalking and camping experiences. We hope that these shoes will mean our feet (especially David’s) won’t get so cut up on the rocks and will keep us safe on slippery terrain.

How about you? Do you wear FiveFingers too?