So we’re home. But we’d love to be on the road again. Home-life seems so dull, full of pointless chores and lacking the sparkling adventures of an unknown destination and fascinating new friends.

Although we’re only camping in the house — waiting for the right family to come along and say, “Yes, we’ll look after your place properly!” — we’ve started to become domesticated again: taking baths, eating at a table, mowing the lawns.

In other ways, we’ll never settle into our old way of living in a house. Most of our belongings remain packed away in the shed. We’ve given up pillows — they take up too much room when sleeping in the trailer. We prefer to be outdoors and have even taken a mattress outside to lie under the big, blue sky. We eat simply and have very little in our refrigerator — after all, we’ve lived for months without refrigeration! And the girls, well, they just want to go somewhere — anywhere! But they’re happy to play at home for a while too.

Watching the girls on the trampoline
The girls have been spending a lot of time on the trampoline. We've placed it close to the back verandah so Calista can get onto the trampoline without assistance. Now the girls have worked out they can jump OFF the verandah and land on the trampoline with an extra-high bounce. Fun!

David and Lauren with Delaney, January 2011
Delaney now loves to go to David and will happily sit in his arms, even if I'm close by.

David reading a story to the girls, January 2011
It's a treat to gather around while David reads a story.

So daily I try to relax, rest in the things that are happening today and not daydream about the places we’d like to go and things we’d like to do. It’s a discipline to live in the now, but so rewarding. Each day has enough trouble of its own.