Flowers: Photo by Hugh Fisher
Photo by Hugh Fisher (David's dad).

This Mother’s Day, I’ve been reflecting on the many mothers that I’ve had, mostly due to my twelve years at boarding schools away from my parents. Here are the special women who I think of as role models for my own mothering:

  • Stephanie Bissett — my natural mother who gave me the freedom to develop independence from an early age.
  • Jeanette Silver — the Kent Academy dorm mother who looked after us three Bissett girls so kindly on holidays when the other kids got to go home (but we couldn’t because of the distance or border closures between Niger and Nigeria).
  • Meg Ackley — another Kent Academy dorm mother who led me to the Lord by asking hard questions of us MKs.
  • Aileen Hennings — the ICA Berea dorm mother who loved and modelled Christ for me with consistent grace.
  • Laura Trosen — the ICA Bethel dorm mother who loved me unconditionally.
  • Nansie Ike — a fun-loving mother who loved Jesus passionately and inspires me to fill my home with warm laughter.

Thank you to all these beautiful women.

Who are your mother models?