After leaving home in such a determined fashion three weeks ago, we’re surprised to find ourselves back in Brisbane again. We were lured home by the possibility of renting our house out, only to discover that the offer had fallen through by the time we arrived home.

We drove from Dorrigo to Brisbane, stopping only to go for a swim and spend the night outside Woodoo’s house in Grafton. David and I were united on the necessity of returning to meet our possible tenant, and although we don’t have a tenant yet, we’re trying to be positive about this turn of events

So we’re here, stuck in a rut again. David and I now find house-living quite depressing. We feel like we spend our entire day doing chores and house maintenance instead of having sparkling adventures.

But whatever emotions we feel, we’re certain that it’s a good thing that we’ve returned to Brisbane at this time. We’ll advertise some of David’s stock of floorcoverings and meet some other people who would like to rent our house. Hopefully someone will want to move in soon and will pay us for the privilege!