Aïcha's shoes
Shoes on the wrong feet? Yes, but hey, she can put them on by herself!

David’s been having some special times with Aïcha.

The other morning when they got up, it was raining lightly. So David dressed them both in raincoats and gumboots and they went out. They sat out the back and watched a rainbow become more vivid as the sky lightened with sunrise and shared some yoghurt together.

Later they took a walk around the block. David saw a neighbour heading off for work and realised how fortunate he was to have this much time with his kids.

David likes to take Aïcha for a walk, especially in the evenings, just before bedtime. He has started doing the same with Brioni, too, and it’s a nice quiet time of cuddling. When he’s walking, he often sings a little homemade song, and I catch Aïcha singing the same song throughout the day.

When we were looking at a book together, there was a page showing a nighttime sky, and prompting Aïcha to turn the page, I asked, “What happens when it’s nighttime?”

She responded, “The Daddy and the Aïcha are going for a walk!”