After leaving home, we thought we’d be camping for weeks and weeks. However, we’ve been blessed with a break in the form of a house-sitting opportunity in the seaside town of Coffs Harbour. My aunt has let us stay in her house which is next-door to a fabulous resort, beautiful beaches and a magnificent headland.

Parked outside Aunty Judy's house in Coffs Harbour, January 2011
We parked outside the house but didn't have to stay in the truck.

The house is a really lovely two-storey home with lots of outdoors areas for the girls to play. Aunty Judy has grown exceptionally beautiful gardens and everything is completed to a fine standard. When David and I first arrived at the house, we were in awe at how beautiful and clean it all was. We feel like we have been staying in a resort — for free!

Delaney at Aunty Judy's in Coffs Harbour, January 2010
We've been spending a lot of time on the front verandah — choosing to eat out there to minimise the amount of indoors mess we have to clean up.

Aisha at Aunty Judy's, January 2011
The girls found Aunty Judy's collection of small plastic animals and have been playing with them non-stop.

Staying at Aunty Judy's in Coffs Harbour, January 2010
The girls have *loved* the opportunity to watch ABC 2 — non-commercial kids' television.

Brioni asleep on the stairs, January 2011
One night after watching a movie, we discovered Brioni asleep like this on the stairs. She had snuck down to watch the movie through the banisters.

Calista at Aunty Judy's, January 2011
We've loved watching the birds come to bathe in the birdbath in the front garden.

The Aanuka resort next door has a lovely pool complex that the girls have really enjoyed. It’s been great to let the girls play in some of the undercover pools, and since the main holiday season is over, the resort isn’t too busy.

The Aanuka resort welcomes non-residents to use its grounds and facilities in order to attract clientele to its restaurants and bars. So we’ve been fully embracing a resort lifestyle — we are living as children of the King!

Swimming at Aanuka, January 2010
The girls were excited by the novelty of the spa bubbles.

Swimming at Aanuka, January 2010
The little cave to one side of the main pool is a heated spa.

Swimming at Aanuka, January 2010
The girls have been getting better at swimming.

Swimming at Aanuka, January 2011
Delaney loves being in the pool as much as the rest of us.

David and I are feeling truly blessed by this sparkling adventure on the road. We never know what to expect — we’re working hard at not planning the next leg of the journey — and yet we know we can expect more wonderful experiences!