As we settled into camp life, we explored our new location and modified the stream to create two deeper water holes. We discovered that the Pritchards are really fun to camp with and have great ideas for keeping the kids amused.

Camping at Cunglebung, December 2010
In the morning, we were surrounded by mist.

Jason and Brielle, December 2010
It was terrific to have the stream so close to cool off and wash in.

Camping at Cunglebung, December-January 2010
Looking up from the creek, our campsite was on a flat stretch of land alongside the dirt track.

Exploring the creek, December 2010
In the morning, the girls set off on an exploratory expedition down the creekbed.

Sitting in the creek, December 2010
When the sun started to get hot, we took our chairs and sat in the creek.

Sitting in the water got Jason thinking about how the natural creekbed could be improved. He started moving the rocks from within the creek to dam up the water at a slight bottleneck. Slowly, he built it up until his dam wall was about two feet high.

Even when the water was banked up behind the wall, Jason kept plumbing the depths for more rocks and threw them out onto the bank. We now had a shallow swimming pool for the girls to play in and a perfect escape from the summer heat.

Damming the creek, December 2010
Once the dam wall was finished, we had a nice, deepish pool to sit in.

Playing in the creek, January, 2010
The girls liked paddling and swimming in the water which was now the right height for them.

Playing in the creek, January 2011
Not content with just building a pool, Jason also cleared a length of the creekbed of all large rocks, creating a rapid run for the girls to ride their boards down.

Brioni playing in the creek, January 2011
Once they had ridden the creek downstream, Jason pulled the kids back up by the tow rope — so much fun!

Sitting by the cot, December 2010
We situated the cot in the shade of a big tree, and it created a lovely retreat for Sarah and me while the babies slept.

Rounded photo, January 2011
David took this funny photo of the camp in the rounded shiny side of our big stock pot.

Blowing bubbles, December 2010
Jess's bubbles were a hit with the girls.

Bugs on a stereo while camping, December 2010
When the sun went down, we were plagued by millions of these little insects. They didn't bite (and we had very few mosquitoes), so we just learned to turn off our lights and pick them out of our food.

Girls smiling for the camera, December 2010
This camp trip is girls-only! We had seven girls along with us (including Brioni and Delaney).

The Pritchards’ son Jayke is attending Woodford Folk Festival up at the Sunshine Coast. We’re sorry that he’s not here for our fun, and we look forward to getting to know him next time!

Some photos in this post were taken by Jess and Sarah. Thanks for sharing!