Today we started admitting to ourselves that we were no longer camping properly. Sure, we were sleeping away from our normal beds, but after clearing out the garage, we were using an almost-proper kitchen. We had also cleaned out the laundry as a toilet/sink area for washing up and washing clothes.

Make-shift toilet and kitchen sink in the laundry, December 2010
After cleaning out the laundry, we ran a hose and power cord through the window to provide water to the sink and light via a lamp.

Aisha carrying Dell, December 2010
Through the house's internal door from the garage, we are constantly reminded of the fire's devastation.

Camping at Grafton, December 2010
We set up a corner of the garage as a kitchen area.

David cooking in our make-shift kitchen, December 2010
As has become his habit, David cooked us all dinner in our make-shift kitchen. Jess has been a great help in the kitchen.

Camping at Grafton, December 2010
We set up the chairs and rugs to make a nice space to hang out in.

Jason and Sarah, December 2010
We've enjoyed getting to know Jason and Sarah better. There's nothing quite like camping away from the comforts of civilisation to quickly demonstrate a couple's strengths and weaknesses. The Pritchards have a strong, loving marriage built on faith.

Before we left Brisbane, a lovely friend came with a present for our girls. It was a pencil case holding little notepads and pencil sets. She remarked that on her recent road-trip, she noticed that her two children were kept happily occupied by drawing and doodling.

I’ve been so thankful for this gift. At four years of age, Brioni has just started taking in writing, and she can spend up to an hour working on a list — asking about letters she doesn’t know and trying to remember how to sound out names.

Brioni, 4yo, December 2010
Brioni has taken to writing out lists of people's names.

We’ve enjoyed a lovely, relaxing day. The kids have been in and out of the pool, and we’ve just been hanging around, admiring our set-up.

Aisha and Aya, December 2010
Ever since we've returned it to her, Aisha has been playing with Aya and balling it up as a pillow.

Aisha in flippers, December 2010
Aisha had a bit of fun with some flippers this afternoon.

Sarah playing with Brioni, December 2010
Sarah taught the girls some circus tricks tonight.

Camping outside the Grafton house, December 2010
The Pritchards have been staying in the caravan with their two daughters.

Camping in Grafton, December 2010
We've been parking on the driveway outside the house. Jess has been sleeping by herself in the tent.

Playing darts, December 2010
After the kids were in bed, Jason taught us how to play darts.

We’ve had a good time here, but we’re ready to do something more active. So we’ll head to a different camping spot with the Pritchards tomorrow, seeking new adventures.